21st Century London Outcasts

Austerity and its Impact on Refugee Families Living in London

A second Knowledge exchange event entitled: ’21st Century London Outcasts. Austerity and its Impact on Refugee Families Living in London’ was held on 5th February 2014.  It was organised in collaboration with the Centre for Social Justice and Change and MA in Refugee Studies, University of East London.

In light of the findings of recent research project ‘Welfare Reforms and Their Impacts on Refugee Families Living in London’, this symposium will bring together academics, policy makers, practitioners and local activists to explore and debate the ways in which the current economic crisis and austerity measures are impacting on new refugee families in the United Kingdom. Recent changes to the welfare system have made welfare more inaccessible and exclusionary, leaving many refugee families without sufficient support to meet their basic living needs. Presenters will explore welfare reform’s implications for refugee families and examine grassroots efforts to mitigate the effects of austerity on migrant groups. Participants will be invited to consider what role third sector organisations can play in responding to austerity and how these agencies can be supported in their work with refugees and their families.

The symposium was organized in collaboration with: the Centre for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland, University of Edinburgh and the Department of Sociology, University of Leicester.