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Campaigning For Black Women’s Rights

On 26th June 2014, Akwugo Emejulu and Leah Bassel were invited by Oxfam’s Routes to Solidarity project to run a third Knowledge Exchange workshop as part of their one-day seminar in Leeds. The conference provided a space for minority women activists and practitioners from the third sector and local government to debate about campaigning and activism for the rights of migrant and minority women.

Leah Bassel’s and Akwugo Emejulu’s guest blog for Global Justice Academy, University of Edinburgh

A guest blog by Akwugo Emejulu, University of Edinburgh and Leah Bassel, University of Leicester, in which they argue that in order to counter the asymmetrical effects of the current economic crisis, intersectional analyses and coalition building are required. They consider how researchers might capture the effects of austerity on representations of minority women’s vulnerability as well as their activism. They do so by drawing on their current empirical project, ‘Minority Women’s Activism in Tough Times’, which explores the impact of the crisis on minority women in Scotland, England and France.

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In It Together?

In February 2013 the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights commissioned a research team led by Dr Filip Sosenko (Heriot-Watt University) to conduct a ‘snapshot’ of the views and experiences of Glasgow residents from Black and minority ethnic backgrounds regarding the current period of recession and austerity. The project’s aim was to create a better understanding of the impact of recession and austerity on local minority ethnic communities, including issues around employment instability, labour market exclusion, changes in household income, cuts to services and welfare reform. The research is a small scale qualitative study which focused on the experiences of three groups from Scottish Pakistani/Asian, Chinese and Black African/Somali communities. It revealed wide-ranging issues affecting the lives and experiences of men and women.

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Between Scylla and Charybdis: Enterprise and Austerity as a Double Hazard for Non-Governmental Organisations in France and the UK

This briefing paper examines the rise of the idea and practices associated with ‘enterprise’ within the third sectors in Scotland, England and France. In our pilot project exploring the challenges facing non-governmental organizations (NGOs) during the current economic crisis and subsequent austerity, we found that the logic of free market relations had penetrated and embedded itself into the rationale and practices of the third sector in these three countries. Principles of competition, the accumulation of assets and the commodification of services and products offered by NGOs had either been imposed onto individual organisations by the local or national state or organisations had actively adopted these ideas in order to survive austerity. The adoption of free market principles in the third sector, while not new, has continued apace during the crisis. We suggest that enterprise and austerity represent a double hazard that NGOs are forced to negotiate for survival in these tough economic times. In many ways we argue that this is perhaps a key story of the crisis and the cuts because it creates tensions and dilemmas for the development of viable alternatives to austerity policies within these third sector spaces. Continue Reading…